What is an Oriental Rug?

So often I have customers who ask me “How can you tell if a rug is a real oriental rug?” There is no one ironclad answer to this question, but there are some general guidelines when trying to determine if a rug is a genuine handknotted work of art or a reproduction.
Does the design on the rug show through on the back of the rug? If not, its not handknotted.
Is there a fringe on the rug? If so, does it appear to be an extension of the rug itself, or added on? Unless the rug is very old and has had an original fringe replaced, a fringe that has been added to the ends of a rug is a strong sign that the rug is a reproduction.
Check the sides of the rug. Does the yarn overcasting go all the way through the rug, or is there a stitch, visible from the back, that secures the yarn? A visible stitch would not be a characteristic of the way a true oriental is made, but rather how a machine finish would be done.
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