Pet stains on oriental rugs

The retired couple from Amelia Island called about their elderly dog having had an accident on their antique Persian rug. The lady from St. Augustine was panicked because her cat had “marked” a corner of her new oriental rug.The mother from Ponte Vedra was upset her young son’s new puppy had “christened” their fine silk area rug.
The situations were different, but the advice I gave was the same–any fresh urine accident should be blotted up, then saturated with a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water, throughly blotted again, and allowed to dry. This will stop any ongoing damage. Any accidents not immediately attended to will need a professional oriental rug cleaner who specializes in urine removal to apply the special chemistry and technique to remove the residues–standard cleaning alone will not do it. As the premier oriental rug cleaners in NE Florida, we take great pride in our ability to remove fresh and old pet stains from rugs. ┬áContact us if we can be of help.

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