Oriental Rug Care

So, you are the proud owner of an oriental rug!  Whether it be a persian rug or other fine handknotted rug, a regular vacuuming is always a good idea–just be careful to avoid the fringes.  They are the most fragile part of the rug and are susceptible to damage.  Every year or so a 180 degree rotation of the rug is recommended to even out wear due to traffic patterns.  Also, at a similar interval, flipping the rug over and slowly vacuuming the back with a beater bar vacuum will vibrate out a layer of dust and sand (a particular problem here in Jacksonville) which conventional vacuuming has missed.  Just sweep it up, vacuum the top of the rug again, and you are set for another year of enjoyment.  Feel free to contact me for other tips.

——Charlie Harb



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