What is an Oriental Rug?

As an area rug dealer in Jacksonville, FL., I am often asked about what makes a rug an Oriental rug.  An oriental rug is a rug that is usually a wool and/or silk pile rug which has been meticulously hand knotted, fiber by fiber.  The vast majority of these rugs are woven in asia, and are both time consuming to make ( a typical 9 x 12 oriental rug may take 1.5 to 2 years worth of labor to weave), and individual works of art as beautiful and inspiring as the finest art in any other medium.

There are traditional Persian rugs known by names such as Sarouk, Kashan, Heriz, Isphahan, Bokarra, Mahal, and Kerman, among many others, which, though recognizable by those in the know, still are each one-of-a-kind with features unique to each rug.  Many of these rugs become extremely valuable as they get old, as long as their condition remains good.  This means proper maintenance by area rug cleaners who specialize in Oriental rug cleaning, and proper attention to other condition issues when needed by Oriental rug repair specialists.

We have been in the Oriental rug business for three generations.  We are proud of the trust that our clients from Amelia Island to Ponte Vedra Beach, St Augustine, and beyond, have in our ability to lovingly restore their heirloom oriental rugs.


–Charles Harb

Cleaning your heirloom rugs

As a third generation oriental rug cleaner, I am often asked about the advisability of tub cleaning (or vat cleaning) area rugs.  Apart from the obvious risks of dye run and shrinkage, to me the biggest issue is that these cleaners fill the tub once in the morning, and everyone’s rugs get washed in the same, increasingly dirty, water.  For me, the idea of my heirloom rug being washed in someone else’s dirty water is completely unacceptable.

Every rug we clean is done individually, and every wet step is done with clean water.  We are definitely not a “one tub fits all” rug cleaning operation.

–Charles Harb